And lo, the prophecy went out: The seas shall be blood, and the skies shall tear, and fans will make versions of Doctor Who representing every nation upon the Earth.

We’ve already seen the long-running British show reimagined with American actors. Now, YouTube user lepoissonriuge has posted a video of Doctor Who as a Japanese action series, in the style of Power Rangers. The user claims (not especially convincingly, given that this is almost certainly a modern production) to have found this video of “Dr Who” facing off against the vile Dalekor and his horde of black-spandexed Cybermen on an old VHS tape.


Recreating The Doctor as a kung-fu master, who performs a quick transformation sequence to change from regular clothes into his scarf and white suit ensemble, works surprisingly well, actually, swapping out one genre of low-budget ‘70s TV sci-fi for another. The only thing that could make it better is if Dalekor suddenly grew to city-stomping size, and Dr Who had to fight it in a giant mecha formed from the TARDIS. Which we’re kind of amazed Steven Moffat hasn’t done already.

We can only guess at where this “nationalized Doctor Who” trend will go next. An era-spanning telenovela, Médico Quién? Or maybe Dokter Die, a gritty Dutch series about a time-travelling coroner who solves history’s bloodiest unsolved murders.

[via The Daily Dot]