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Watch Daniel Radcliffe prank call a toy store for BBC One

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe seems like a good sort, so even when he’s drafted by crafty pranksters to make a crank call, you can tell he’s wracked with guilt. For BBC1's “Alphabeticall,” someone calls a poor, unsuspecting establishment and tries to ask questions that all begin with a different letter in the alphabet, starting with “A.” Some letters are easier than others: C, D, and F can kick off questions starting with “Can,” “Do,” and “For.” And why is that double British phone ring so much cooler than the lame single American one?

As Radcliffe is tasked with calling a toy store, he gets creative by pretending to be looking for a present for his nephew, which helps him weave letters like H into the mix (“Horses?”), and even K (“Koalas”?) Radcliffe manages to last all the way to the letter R, when he is overcome by guilt for wasting the increasingly annoyed clerk’s time, and hangs up.


Of course, when BBC One calls the toy store back to tell the guy he was just talking to Daniel Radcliffe, he’s delighted, and all his annoyance dissipates. Still, with pranks like these, it’s no wonder nobody talks on the phone anymore.

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