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Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s ode to unrequited friendship in this exclusive clip

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Since its outset, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been concerned with the topic of unrequited love. After all, the basic premise of the series involves a woman ditching her life in New York to pursue an unavailable man. But Friday’s episode debuts a ditty that’s all about another one-sided relationship: an unreciprocated best friendship. Sad sack boss Darryl (Pete Gardner) serenades his employee Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), crooning: “You’re my best friend and I know I’m not yours.” And while his chorus sounds terribly heartbreaking, just know that Darryl insists he’s okay with being more devoted to Paula than she is to him.

Paula is, of course, way closer to the show’s protagonist Rebecca (Rachel Bloom)—though they have gone through some rocky times this season—than she is to Darryl. But even though she’s skeptical of his tune at its outset, she eventually starts to accept it. Find out what inspires Darryl to bust out the ukulele when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.


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