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Watch Cookie Monster unofficially get in on this whole Too Many Cooks thing

This is an auspicious day indeed for parents who have been waiting for a version of Adult Swim’s violent, surreal Too Many Cooks that they can show to their small children without fear of traumatizing the young ones for life. Given the Muppets’ penchant for zeitgeist-friendly parodies of decidedly not-for-kids fare (e.g. True Blood), it was probably only a matter of time before a Cooks parody appeared on Sesame Street proper, but some fans have already beaten the show to that particular punch. Tough Pigs, a venerable online forum for “Muppet Fans Who Grew Up,” has posted a video entitled (predictably) “Too Many Cookies!” to its YouTube channel. The brief clip is a simple montage of Cookie Monster clips accompanied by a ukulele-strummed parody of the ubiquitous Too Many Cooks theme song with new lyrics about the preparation and over-consumption of delicious, delicious cookies. Because this is a Sesame Street fan video, though, “Too Many Cookies!” does not make any of the jarring left turns of its predecessor, meaning here are no creepy, bearded psychopaths here. And the closest this parody comes to the wild genre-hopping of the original is a brief glimpse of Cookie Monster doing a Karate Kid-type pose on a beach.

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