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Illustration for article titled Watch Connecticut’s Ovlov play Nintendo and cook hamburgers in the video for “Really Bees”

Connecticut’s Ovlov has been making fuzzed-out indie rock for years, and its debut full-length am, released this year via Exploding In Sound, proves to be the band’s most fully realized work. Though Ovlov gets lumped in with the likeminded bands that often use Dinosaur Jr.’s songbook as a reference point, the Connecticut band finds balance between introspection and party-ready anthems without phoning in either. “Really Bees,” the album’s shortest track, shows Ovlov’s most sharpened focus, encapsulating all it’s accomplished throughout its career. It only makes sense that the band would choose it as the first song to have an accompanying music video (directed by Ethan Long), one that shows the band playing Nintendo 64, cooking hamburgers, and a few shots of live footage spliced in for good measure. Take a peek at The A.V. Club’s exclusive premiere Ovlov’s “Really Bees” below.


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