Screenshot: Independence Day

Foley artists are doing god’s work. Essentially, their job is to reproduce the most minute and ambient of sounds in film, such as the click of a lock or the rustle of clothing. If they’re doing it right, you’ll barely notice. If they’re doing it wrong, it’s all you’ll be able to focus on.

Instagram account Bad Foley is interested in the latter. With each post, Bad Foley derails intense, emotional film scenes with wildly inappropriate sounds that make a mockery out of the action unfolding. Just listen to the plasticky squeaks as this Lost Boy rubs Robin Williams’ face in Hook:


Or how old-timey six-shooter sound effects diffuse the badassery of Pulp Fiction:

Or how guttural snorts and industrial scraping make a farce of Meryl Streep’s sadness in Adaptation:


It’s hilarious stuff that doubles as an act of appreciation for an unsung corner of the film industry. Because, man, a creaky door can seriously screw things up: