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Screenshot: YouTube

While the RNC’s biggest gets were Chachi and some Trump kids, the Democratic National Convention was a far more star-studded affair. Not only did high profile politicians like Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and of course Hillary Clinton herself, deliver speeches, the DNC also drew its fair share of celebrity speakers from Katy Perry to Meryl Streep to Chloë Grace Moretz. And the Clinton campaign released behind-the-scenes footage showing just what it was like for all those Washington and Hollywood bigwigs to mingle backstage.

While there are some slightly surreal moments—like Bill Clinton and Streep watching the convention broadcast together or Moretz and Senator Cory Booker exchanging small talk—for the most part the footage is deeply humanizing for everyone involved. Clinton, in particular, lives up to the frequently discussed idea that she’s far more personable and human one-on-one than she is while campaigning. For example, while watching her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s speech backstage, she can’t help but exclaim, “She looks so pretty!”


Other highlights include a behind-the-scenes angle on that iconic Obama/Clinton hug, Shonda Rhimes (who produced Clinton’s intro video) greeting the nominee like an old friend, and Elizabeth Warren telling Sarah Silverman, “Tough women have to get it done, right?” Plus there’s a brief shot of Obama rocking out to Eminem.

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