Captain America: The Winter Solider is generally acknowledged to be one of the best superhero films of all time. With nowhere to go but down, mashup specialist Frank Ireland (aka ChiefBrodyRules) decided to reimagine the film as an overblown ‘80s action movie, complete with a cheesy sex scene and lots of explosions. And to keep things historically accurate, Ireland created a grainy VHS trailer (complete with tracking lines) to accompany his vision.

By cutting together Captain America’s various Marvel appearances with footage from actual ’80s movies and a few other Chris Evans film roles, Ireland has even crafted his own narrative for the film:

The year is 2007. Crime is at an all time high and the law has a plan to wipe it out! CAPTAIN AMERICA (Chris Evans), a Vietnam vet who was given super strength by a military scientist, Abraham Erskine (Cillian Murphy) is now America’s new crime fighter. When he refuses to kill an innocent Senator he is back stabbed by the very people who made him! He’s out for revenge. If you’re going to make enemies, you better make sure it’s not America!

[via Nerdist]