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Watch Bridget, James, Twan, and Big Man's dramatic return to Trapped In The Closet

Though a Nov. 23 premiere date for the next chunk of Trapped In The Closet was announced yesterday, the first new chapter is online already. It’s a doozy, but no one should expect any less from the scatterbrained mind of R. Kelly. From his perch in a distinguished library full of books he probably can’t read, Kells teases out the future of the story. Right now, all that’s really certain is that these next 19 chapters are going to be plenty dramatic, an assertion illustrated by Twan, Bridget, Big Man, Pimp Luscious, Michael K. Williams’ James, and the whole gang individually making tense phone calls in front of CGI Chicago landmarks. The only person missing is Chuck, who even Kells can’t seem to locate. Where are you Chuck?


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