Wanna buy a monkey?

With a fourth season of Billy On The Street coming soon to Tru TV, Billy Eichner’s back with a full court publicity press, appearing last night on Late Show With David Letterman. Eichner dished a bit about the First Lady and Big Bird, but what was more interesting is what came today: a new Billy On The Street clip that throws Eichner and Letterman onto the streets of New York to ask stunned strangers what they think the retiring Late Show host should do next. Interestingly but not surprisingly, it seems like more people know who Letterman is than, say, know who Amy Poehler is. That recognition makes the clip slightly disingenuous, only because people seem to really want Letterman to kick back, relax, and live his best life in the near future—or, at least, that’s all they’d say to his heavily-tanned face.


Billy On The Street with David Letterman from Funny Or Die