As we reported earlier this month, once-and-future Smashing Pumpkins honcho Billy Corgan has decided to perform an eight-hour “ambient/musical interpretation of” Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha at the tea shop he owns in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago. Well, that musical homage is happening right this minute, and you can watch it live via YouTube (it’s embedded below). Though we’re not yet to the two-hour mark, controversy has already erupted (okay, that’s a strong word), with Chicago Tribune editor Rex Huppke claiming that his reporter has been kicked out of the event—presumably in retribution for a piece that Huppke wrote, pre-dissing the event. In the meantime, musician Daniel Lopatin—a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never—is live-tweeting while watching Corgan stand around his old gear (which could be just as unenjoyable to watch as the actual event). In any case, we can all agree that Madame ZuZu’s has some amazing teas.