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Watch Bill Cosby ponder the prehistoric origin of eating turkey in A Very Cosby Thanksgiving

Bill Cosby just put out his first television special in over 30 years, and has been on the publicity circuit for the first time in a while, stopping by The Daily Show, and telling reporters he’s developing a new sitcom and a reboot of Fat Albert. Now he's going viral with an animated video for Funny Or Die, in which he shares the prehistoric thing he’s most thankful for: the first human being who ever looked at a turkey and thought, “Yeah, there’s a great meal.” Cosby ponders early man figuring out how to clean and cook the bird, and chasing down others to try it—with all the cavemen, naturally, wearing Cosby sweaters. Cosby wraps with his suggestion for the most comfortable way to end a Thanksgiving meal: “Have a bed next to your chair at the table, so you can roll over there and fall asleep.”


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