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Watch Bernie Sanders talk insurance, student debt, and police brutality with Cardi B

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If you’re in need of a political pick-me-up (and who isn’t nowadays), Cardi B’s new interview with Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is worth a watch. Regardless of who you’re rooting to vote for in the 2020 election, this interview between the Bronx rapper and Vermont Senator is a great way to tap into Sanders’ thoughts on insurance, student debt, and other seemingly impossible-to-fix problems.


The video was filmed at a Detroit nail salon, and Cardi asks Sanders questions straight from her followers. They hit on topics from police brutality to the current living wage in America. The conversation was a long time coming for the two, since Cardi has been a Bernie Sanders supporter for a while her vocal dissatisfaction with the state of the country has drawn reactions from the candidate.

She commented in January about the government shutdown, gaining support but also a lot of hate from conservative commentators like Tomi Lahren, who insinuated Cardi B. wasn’t smart enough to engage in this type of discourse. Cardi later wrote that she’s not trying to turn anyone away from their current political affiliation, but instead wants them “to admit that your president is fuckin up this country right now,” adding that “Liberal or conservative we ALL suffer as citizens.”


Whether you value Cardi’s commentary or not, it’s been proven—most recently with Taylor Swift’s newly transparent political ways—that when a very popular artist comes forward and encourages their audience to register and vote, it works. After Swift endorsed Tennessee democratic nominees for the U.S. Senate, voter registration spiked nationwide and in Tennessee.


Watch the full interview here.

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