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Though autumn leaves are falling and temperatures are dipping perpetually lower, it’s always good to have a reminder that fall is pumpkin spice season. (Like you could forget…) Enter Ben Schwartz, star of House Of Lies, Parks And Recreation, and the newish film The Walk. The actor recently stopped by the GQ offices to get backlit and eat a wealth of different pumpkin spiced food options, including Pumpkin Spice Oreos, Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini-Wheats, Pumpkin Spice Extra Gum, and some other various and sundry gourd-infused items. Though the taste test does not, as Schwartz asserts on his Tumblr, encapsulate “every pumpkin spice food item in circulation” (PopSugar found at least 101, with 17 of those coming from Trader Joe’s alone) it’s a worthy jaunt all the same, mainly because Schwartz is the best. He’s incredibly game for the whole affair, singing songs from Oliver and rating all the grub on a scale of one to 10 pumpkins.


One more thing: Benny Schwa, you’re welcome at The A.V. Club headquarters for a Taste Test any time.

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