What better way to shake the post-Labor Day funk than by watching a really blurry video of Barbra Streisand whip Harrison Ford on the set of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom? While it sounds like something out of someone's fanfic collection, it really did happen, and here's the blurry proof. Legend has it— according to JoBlo, who originally posted the video—that Barbra Streisand, Carrie Fisher, and Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner dropped by the set of Temple of Doom while Harrison Ford was tied up for a scene in which he's whipped by a Thuggee torturer. But instead, Spielberg and guests decided to play a practical joke on Ford, and instead, it's Streisand who puts the whip to Ford's backside while yelling, with Fisher stepping in to protect him and Kershner acting like a director. The mystery surrounding this alleged outtake was such that some denied it even existed. But nothing hides forever in the age of the Internet, including this outtake, rumored to have been a part of Spielberg's private stash along with reels of hilarious jokes Liam Neeson played on Ben Kingsley on the set of Schindler's List. Since the audio quality is so poor, it's hard to hear everything Babs is saying, but JoBlo has a transcription of the outtake which ends with Babs exclaiming, “I feel like a faggot.” Classy.