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Watch Avengers: Endgame's final battle sequence in glorious 16-bit animation

Despite the fact that it’s still in theaters, Avengers: Endgame is being rereleased with the lure of an additional bonus scene. But if you aren’t looking to add a couple more sawbucks to Disney’s endless pile while you wait for the first of what will surely be countless digital and Blu-ray editions, there is another option: this 16-bit faithful recreation of Endgame’s final battle scene. Who needs 4K when you’ve got 16-bit?

This lo-fi version comes from YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies, with animation by John Stratman and accompanying music by Kenny Mac. As the video explains in the scene’s aftermath, the graphics were compiled and adapted from a number of different sprites and backgrounds from actual Marvel-branded video games of the SNES era.

This version does a great job of capturing both the feel of the final scene and of 16-bit games. It’s easy to imagine this being part of an officially licensed Avengers: Endgame spin-off, had the movie come out in 1993. The only problem? Your poor Super Nintendo would probably have had a very difficult time putting that many characters on screen at one time.


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