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Watch as Benedict Cumberbatch tries to make Jar Jar Binks likable

Benedict Cumberbatch took time off from his busy schedule of appearing 9,000 times a second on Tumblr to attend San Diego Comic-Con recently, sitting down with MTV’s Josh Horowitz for a quick interview. For whatever reason, one of Horowitz’s questions was “True or false: Jar Jar Binks wasn’t that bad,” which Cumberbatch responded to with an impromptu impression of the beloved character. Soon, Horowitz joined in, with a proud, “I do Jar Jar, too!” And then you’re watching two grown men speak like Jamaican space chipmunks, so that’s fun.

More importantly, the longer you look at the words “Benedict Cumberbatch” and “Jar Jar Binks” next to each other like this, the more you realize that language is a false construct, and words are just random combinations of nonsense sounds that can never truly have any meaning, and eventually your mind collapses into a wordless maelstrom of madness. Benedict Cumberbatch, Jar Jar Binks. Benebinks Cumberjar. Benejar Cumberbinks. Benjibop Binkserbonk. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!


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