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Watch Anders from Workaholics give the commencement speech at the University Of Wisconsin

Anders Holm is currently enjoying the busiest moment of his career. Comedy Central renewed Workaholics for another two seasons, he appeared on The Mindy Project, Modern Family, and along with his co-stars Adam Devine and Blake Anderson appeared in the first episode of the new season of Arrested Development. Which is why this year was the perfect time for his alma mater, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison, to invite him back as the commencement speaker. He makes cracks about the Chancellor drinking all his shot bottles of Jack Daniels, references the legendary Ian’s Pizza, and picks out one stone-faced guy in the front row and goes all Mugatu on him, yelling “I created the catchphrase ‘tight butthole,'” what have you ever done!”—despite the trio vaguely dodging the origin of the phrase in interviews. Not every comedian delivering a commencement address can live up to Conan O’Brien at Dartmouth or Stephen Colbert at Northwestern, but as Holm says in his opener, he’s “not for everyone.” And instead of a hardened pessimist offering economic doom-and-gloom or a senator parroting self-serving politics, getting a laidback funnyman alum is a logical choice for an enjoyable and potentially far more memorable college graduation.

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