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Watch an unaired pilot made by the guys behind The Worst Idea Of All Time podcast

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Fans of their podcast will know that Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, the hosts of The Worst Idea Of All Time, are no strangers to punishment. Previously, they subjected themselves to watching Grown Ups 2 every week for a year and then did it again with Sex And The City 2 and then again with the Zac Efron EDM drama We Are Your Friends and then one more time with the original Sex And The City feature film. Now, in an unaired pilot they shot for YouTube Red the pair is finally sharing, you can see them take their madcap movie experiments to a whole new level. Specifically, a level underground.

The premise is simple, yet absurd. For five days, Batt and Montgomery will live in an abandoned subway station in New York City where they will watch the 2016 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows three times a day and eat nothing but pizza. It’s a “method” approach to film reviewing that will ideally result in the most accurate review possible and is certain to drive both of them insane.


“A great film is a film that is so poorly told it requires you to inspect it again,” Montgomery deadpans after only their second viewing, signaling that the two are in for a long and rough journey together. By the end of night two, they’ve resorted to producing stand-up comedy shows in the abandoned tunnels, which are then poorly reviewed the next morning on makeshift newspapers written on paper plates. Things continue to unravel from there.

We’re not sure why YouTube Red passed on such a masterwork from two of most important living film critics, but maybe they were worried about being held legally responsible the hosts’ imminent mental collapse. Luckily, we can still watch guilt-free.


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