The Bachelorette

Amy Schumer is a known fan of The Bachelorette, so the show’s producers arranged to have her coach a group of bachelors on last night’s episode of the show. And while Schumer was ostensibly there to prepare the contestants for a stand-up comedy group date, she also appeared to be gathering material to take back to her own program.

Schumer’s coaching reflected the relative offensiveness of the man-shaped blocks of wood she shared scenes with; for instance, her teasing of a blandly innocuous dentist was fairly tame, despite learning that wine is not “good for your teeth.” But things took a more pointed turn when Schumer coached JJ, a former investment banker.


On Inside Amy Schumer, her interviews with people on the street are edited to convey the subversive fun she’s sharing with her subjects. But here things get awkward, fast, as JJ seems deafened by his own awesomeness:

“My pickup line is: ‘Hi, I’m JJ, divorced with a kid and I live with my parents.’”

“Is that true?”

“Yeah… it’s totally true… Should I not say that?”

JJ also seems to be implying that stand-up comedy isn’t actually a craft that takes a lifetime to master, and that being a solid bro with confidence is all it takes. In the clip below, you can see Schumer trying to decide whether she’d rather deliver an overt take-down or just jump into her wine glass and swim away from JJ as fast as she can. If nothing else, we’ll probably get a good reality-show sketch out of it on Inside Amy Schumer next season.


[via Vulture]