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Screenshot: Netflix (YouTube)

Robert Kolker’s acclaimed Lost Girls tracked the compelling, frustrating true story of five sex workers whose bodies were found on the same Long Island beach in 2010, and the agony of their killer remaining in the wind. Today, Netflix dropped a trailer for its adaptation of the novel, which comes from Academy Award-nominated artists Liz Garbus and Amy Ryan.

Per the trailer, the film looks to circle around Ryan’s Mari, the mother of one of the lost girls, as well as the community she builds with the families of the other victims. Like last year’s Unbelievable, the film looks to also touch on the biases and errors of law enforcement when it comes to crimes of such a nature. Starring as one of those cops is Dean Winters, and can we just take a moment to say it’s nice to see him onscreen in something that isn’t a commercial?

The impressive supporting cast also includes JoJo Rabbit’s Thomasin McKenzie and Mistress America’s Lola Kirke, as well as Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Corrigon. It premieres at the Sundance Film Festival next week and arrives on Netflix later this year.


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