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Watch Amy Poehler's poignant video response to the Boston Marathon bombing

Parks And Recreation star and stellar human Amy Poehler has posted a touching video response to the Boston Marathon bombing. Poehler addresses the tragedy in a clip for her “Smart Girls” series by answering a question for a 16-year-old named Millie about how to avoid negative images and videos online.

Poehler, who was raised in Newton, Mass., says she’s long struggled with how to keep informed and connected without feeling like she’s exploiting people and harming herself, saying that it feels like “everywhere you go, there’s just some picture that’s worse than the one before.” She advises Millie to soften her heart and mind, and give her eyes a break, meaning maybe the teenager shouldn’t check out the hundreds of pictures online of bloody sidewalks and horrified faces. As Poehler notes, “It’s okay to not be looking at what everyone’s looking at all the time,” (cough Twitter cough) and we should learn to “be okay with letting some things rest in peace.” She ends the segment saying that it’s been a weird week, but she “loves you, Boston,” and she’ll “see you soon.” [via Flavorpill]

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