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Furries are a mysterious and somewhat insular bunch, something that’s relatively understandable given that most people hold all sorts of common (and sexual) misconceptions about the whole bunch. Fortunately, there’s Anthrocon, an annual convention held in Pittsburgh where anthropomorphics, as people who dress up like humanlike animal characters prefer to be called, can gather and hang out. This year’s event took place earlier this month, and while it’s still not an event for everyone, this year’s Anthrocon Fursuit Parade—one of the con’s marquee events—boasted over 1400 participants, from nuclear wolves to bunnies in Zorro costumes, and there’s video of the whole thing. It’s an impressive feat, not only because it’s fascinating to watch so many different varieties of animals and people parade past a still camera, but because these outfits represent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hours and dollars spent in pursuit of this lifestyle. If nothing else, it’ll make the uninformed take a second look at this niche little subculture.

[via Metafilter]


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