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Watch all of the Easter eggs from Guardians Of The Galaxy

"I am Stamos."

In the wake of its success, it’s hard to remember a time when Marvel’s Guardians Tf The Galaxy was seen as a huge gamble. The film has grossed over $225 million in the United States in its first three weeks of release and currently has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But before it came out, there was a lot of uncertainty how general audiences would feel about the hyperkinetic space opera. That’s because, on paper, Guardians Of The Galaxy is really weird—sentient trees, ships driven by glowing orbs, a mining colony in the head of a dead giant robot god, etc.. For Marvel comic book readers, this is industry standard stuff; and yet audiences at large have embraced the oddities thanks to writer/director’s James Gunn excellent use of humor and emphasis on characterization.

For those who have seen Guardians of the Galaxy but aren’t sure about its comic book ties or other fun bits of trivia, YouTube user Mr. Sunday Movies has created a video collecting most of the easter eggs in the film. Highlighting the characters’ origins in Marvel books throughout the decades, the video also includes looking at the various nerd friendly cameos that viewers may have missed, like the voice of Rob Zombie. It’s a great video companion piece to /Film’s extensive look at the comic book origins of the film and the many references made throughout Gunn’s film. Two bits of Comic Book Guy corrections: Gunn has since confirmed it was the Power Gem featured in the film and has stated that J’Son will not be Peter Quill’s father in the upcoming sequel. Still no word on when Disney/Marvel will begin licensing the dancing baby Groots that everyone thinks is obvious (but you can still make your own).


[Via Laughing Squid]

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