Similar to an earlier fan edit that integrated the various Raimi Evil Dead films into one long epic, Phantasm fan Peter Marullo has found a way to bring the Phantasm movies together. Marullo blends the endings of each film with the beginnings of its subsequent entry, making a near seamless transition between each chapter in the storied horror franchise. Luckily, each film ends on a cliffhanger before beginning around the same point in the next film, making the transitions easier (though probably no less time-consuming) to implement.

For the uninitiated, Phantasm is a 1979 sci-fi/horror film that concerns the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) harvesting the bodies of the dead for use in another dimension or something. Also, there are deadly flying metal orbs called Sentinels that hack and slash their way through people who oppose the Tall Man’s schemes. Don Coscarelli’s film has since led to three sequels (Phantasm II, Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead, Phantasm IV: Oblivion) with a fifth (and possibly final) installment, Phantasm: RaVager, due out some time in the next year. The films have never been as popular as their Evil Dead or slasher counterparts that were made around the same time, but they remain cult favorites. (And yes, those who love the films are called “phans.”)


No word on if or how Marullo will release his six-hour epic, but you can see his work transitioning between Phantasm II and III, and then between Phantasm III and IV, below.