Sometimes low-quality resolution adds to an old video’s charm, but the poor quality of a newly unearthed early ’90s music video is more a cause for grief, as it blurs a nearly naked Jason Statham. This is the kind of thing that should be shown in high-def, projected on the wall of a warehouse while drugged-up youth get down. The video’s audio is just fine, unfortunately. It’s “Comin’ On” by the EDM band Shaman, and it embodies the worst sort of excess of the early ’90s British dance scene—though a very shiny Statham in nothing but cheetah-print underwear, black socks, and black shoes dancing and spinning in outer space makes it worthwhile.

Luckily for us, Statham danced in his underwear in a much better quality music video of the early ’90s, which we dug up for journalism. Erasure’s “Run To The Sun” video sees Statham painted matte silver with symbols on his arm, modeling, dancing, flipping, and putting his Olympic diving skills to work on a revolving planet thing.

And finally there’s the “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” video by The Beautiful South, very tame compared to the previous two, briefly featuring Statham fully clothed sitting in a movie theater.

The video is below, but if Jason Statham isn’t dancing in a loincloth, what’s the point?