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On The ArScheerio Paul Show, comedian Paul Scheer invites actors to reenact interviews from Arsenio Hall’s '90s gem of a talk show. The A.V. Club has posted about previous episodes where Will Arnett went on as Bill Clinton and Jordan Peele as Tupac, but now Scheer is back with a whole new batch of episodes. At just about five minutes each, the seven clips are condensed versions of what actually aired. It’s easy to forget how strange, uncomfortable, and amazing some of these interviews actually were, so props to Scheer for bringing them back to life.


One of the best of the bunch is the interview with Madonna (Alison Brie) and Rosie O’Donnell (Adam Pally), who went on the show to promote A League of Their Own. Who remembered that Madonna loved Barton Fink, and that both women had sex with Warren Beatty? There’s also a perfectly awkward appearance from Madonna’s father (“Weird Al” Yankovic) later in the interview. These things happened, y’all.

Least likely but most funny actor choice definitely goes to Jack McBrayer as Steven Seagal (June Diane Raphael as Andrew Dice Clay is a close runner-up). The other (still hilarious) episodes feature Rob Huebel as WWF’s Ultimate Warrior trash talking Hulk Hogan; Vanilla Ice (Max Greenfield) confronting alleged racism by bringing out his boy Flava Flav (Eric Andre); Jean-Claude Van Damme (Nick Kroll) talking about the love of his life, Gladys Portugues (Kevin Smith, in no kind of costume/makeup whatsoever); and Seth Rogen donning an amazing shirt/jeans/jacket combination as Gary Coleman discussing his love of independent women and hatred of children.

All of the episodes are up on Scheer's YouTube channel.

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