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Watch a trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Panama Papers movie, which is "based on some real shit"

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Screenshot: The Laundromat (YouTube)

With 2009's The Informant!, director Steven Soderbergh and writer Scott Z. Burns turned a depressing story of corporate malfeasance into an exercise in comedic frustration. That looks to be the case, too, with their latest collaboration, The Laundromat, which, per Variety, adopts a decidedly amoral approach in its dig into the Panama Papers scandal. You can see it in the film’s wild new trailer, in which Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas play the pair of lawyers who exploited the financial system with a gleeful sense of abandon.

“How do 15 million millionaires in 200 countries stay rich?” the clip asks. “With lawyers like these.” An adaptation of Jake Bernstein’s Secrecy World, the film will focus on how a middle-class woman played by Meryl Streep (and some well-publicized documents) helped expose how offshore shell companies helped a slew of millionaires avoid paying billions in taxes. Sharon Stone, Jeffrey Wright, David Schwimmer, and Robert Patrick co-star in what looks to be a zany depiction of some real stone-faced shit.

The Laundromat debuts at the Venice Film Festival this week and hits theaters nationwide on September 27. It lands on Netflix on October 18.

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