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Watch a trailer for Kajillionaire, Miranda July's first feature in 9 years

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Screenshot: Kajillionaire

Writer, director, and performance artist Miranda July chased the wild success of her quirky debut feature, Me and You And Everyone We Know, with 2011's The Future, an odd (and surprisingly sad) comedy that you should probably revisit. Now, nine years later, July is back with a new trailer for her upcoming feature, Kajillionaire.


Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger, and Evan Rachel Wood lead the cast of the comedy, starring as a family of con artists whose finely-tuned dynamic is set askew when a stranger played by Gina Rodriguez enters their ranks. The setup has shades of Kore-eda Hirokazu’s 2018 heart-tugger Shoplifters, and, per the below trailer, July appears to be digging into similar themes of family, specifically how love manifests in a community built on deception.

The trailer, which you see below, is underscored by the sweeping “Mr. Lonely,” a collaboration between Angel Olsen and the film’s composer, Emile Mosseri.

Kajillionaire hits theaters on September 18. A VOD date is forthcoming.

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