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Watch a trailer for HBO's Beforeigners, a Norwegian series about time-traveling Vikings

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HBO has released a trailer for Beforeigners, a six-part sci-fi drama that debuted in Norway last year and is just now beginning a U.S. run. The high-concept tale, the first Norwegian-language series produced by HBO Europe, explores a world in which people from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, and the 19th century are mysteriously transported into modern-day Norway. There, some integrate into society—like, for example, an 11th century shield-maiden-turned-investigator played by Krista Kosonen—while others remain enemies of the people. There’s also, apparently, a killer on the loose. Okay, then.

In an interview with Variety, co-creator Anne Bjornstad discussed how the show serves as “an allegory of the refugee crisis and migration issues,” and it’s clear from the trailer that the divide between the present population and those from the past is stark—some call them “beforeigners,” though it’s more polite to say they have a “multi-temporal background.”

Watch the trailer below.

You can watch the first episode now. New episodes will drop every Tuesday.

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