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Watch a tiny hamster wreck a tiny city and eat tiny helicopters, Godzilla style

YouTube team HelloDenizen has cracked the code for viral video success, working on the premise that feeding rodents is adorable. “Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos” has over 10 million hits on YouTube, and has been shared everywhere from NPR.org to Time.com.

HelloDenizen is back with more cuddly rodent action. In “Tiny Hamster Is A Giant Monster,” we see Tiny Hamster struck by lighting and “evil green ooze,” transforming it into a creature that is absolutely, definitely not Godzilla, just a generic monster with green scales and a tail. We know how upset Toho gets about other people co-opting Godzilla.


From there, Giant Monster knocks over miniature buildings and cars (and anything else the creators have filled with food). Edible helicopters arrive to put a stop to Giant Monster, unaware that their assault is as futile as an army of corn storming the tubed esophagus of a Mulard duck being raised for foie gras.

Eventually, “good green ooze,” and lightning return Giant Monster to its original state, adorable chubby cheeks intact. And so, Tiny Hamster lives to nibble another day, safe with the knowledge that it will be likely featured in another sketch hinging upon it being fed a medically inadvisable quantity of food.

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