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Watch a teaser for Hulu's Hillary Clinton docuseries

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Screenshot: Hulu (YouTube)

Hulu has announced an upcoming docuseries from Oscar-nominated director Nanette Burstein about Hillary Clinton, the political powerhouse and former Secretary of State who lost the presidency in 2016 to an egomaniacal narcissist and reality TV host.


There’s obviously no shortage of Clinton chronicles out in the world, but the series stands out for its access. Not only does Clinton sit down for interviews with Burstein, but so does, per a statement,her family, friends, staff, and politicos from both sides of the aisle.” Yes, that includes her husband, President Bill Clinton. You know, that old buddy of Jeffrey Epstein’s. Anyways, the series is described in a press release as “remarkably intimate,” “deeply personal,” and “unvarnished.”

“This was a fantastic opportunity,” said Burstein in a press release. “Secretary Clinton gave me extraordinary access to her life story, which is utterly compelling. Beyond that, given the particulars of her narrative, we were able to highlight the history of the women’s movement over the last fifty years, and especially what happens to women who aspire to take on roles traditionally inhabited by men.”


The docuseries looks as if it will encompass the breadth of Clinton’s life, her divisive legacy, and her reflections on the 2016 campaign. At one point in the below teaser, she recalls weighing her reaction to Trump’s invasive behavior during their televised debates. “If I said, ‘Back up, you creep,’ would I sound angry?”

Hillary will debut at next year’s Sundance Film Festival, and be available for streaming on Hulu come March 6.

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