To accompany its impressive 2012 album Valtari, ethereal Icelandic band Sigur Rós decided to release a series of short films, each with different filmmakers and guest actors. During "The Mystery Film Experiment," the band has premiered 16 strange shorts, including one starring Shia Lebeouf. The 16th and final feature of the series, "Leaning Toward Solace" uses Valtari songs "Dauðalogn" and "Varúð." It was directed by The Runaways director Floria Sigismondi and stars John Hawkes of Winter's Bone and The Sessions and Elle Fanning of Super 8 and We Bought A Zoo.

The odd video—as Sigur Rós videos are wont to be—follows a father and daughter as they pensively navigate a sparsely populated desert town. Things get weird as Fanning does her best Grimes impression while Hawkes drunkenly stumbles through the desert. There's even a crazy left-field ending that will undoubtedly cause either confusion or laughter—or both. Nevertheless, the ambient, epic music and stunning visuals make for a worthwhile, albeit pretentious, viewing experience.