Before he morphed into Yeezus and impregnated a Kardashian, Kanye West was in talks with HBO for his own improv comedy show in 2008. It was to be similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry Charles, who was producing the pilot, told Coming Soon that West actually referred to himself as a black Larry David. ("That's the first thing he said to me.") The show was ultimately deemed “too hardcore” for HBO, because the network has never aired anything the whole family couldn’t watch.

But, like other pilots that never aired, this one has also made its way to the Internet. Alison Quinn, the actress in the scene below, uploaded it as part of her reel. The concept itself is funny—a kid from the Make A Wish Foundation finally gets to meet Kanye, who he thinks is “alright,” though his real favorites are Lil Wayne and R. Kelly. Quinn carries her own comedic weight, but West is kind of just an asshole. He also goes for the classic “hoodie zipped over the face” gag—classic! Watch below.

via Consequence Of Sound