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Back in the mid-to-late ’00s, Maria Bamford put out a webseries called The Maria Bamford Show, staring Bamford as a comedian who moved back in with her parents following a nervous breakdown. In addition to being blisteringly funny, it was also a realistic depiction of life with mental illness. The show was dubbed a “cold blast of brilliance” by The New Yorker, and was screened at the Museum Of Art And Design.

Unfortunately, it’s also been a little hard to find in the past few years. The show’s original home, Super Deluxe, folded, and much of the catalog was taken down. Parts of the Bamford show were salvaged and put back up by fans, but that’s a hit-or-miss method of posterity.


Thankfully, Super Deluxe was resurrected late last year, and now The Maria Bamford Show, which has been edited into a one-hour-long block of genius, is back. Almost a decade later, the show still feels super fresh and weird. Take an hour and soak it in.

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