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Illustration for article titled Watch a new Flying Lotus video starring Elijah Wood as a telekinetic amputee

Chances are that David Lewandowski, the director of the new video for Flying Lotus’ “Tiny Tortures,” has heard that “Will I be able to play tennis?” joke people tell before they go into surgery. Hell, Lewandowski has heard that joke and raises you a prosthetic arm telekinetically constructed from bedroom knick-knacks.


“Will I be able to play baseball?” thinks a morose, one-armed Elijah Wood as he lies on his bed surrounded by photos of and awards won by a presumably recently two-armed Elijah Wood. And the answer, since this is a Flying Lotus video, is, “Who cares, as long as I have all of these crazy druuuuugs?” Then the colors come, and Elijah Wood does that thing with his face where he looks grotesquely happy but also like he wants to cry, and everything comes to a comforting—but also pretty grotesque—finale. With so much dreamy floating and undulating hallucinations, it’s hard to pick a high point, especially since there’s also a Sega Dreamcast at 1:03. [via Pitchfork]

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