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A short film directed by a then-11-year-old Lars von Trier has surfaced online, and it appears to be strangely… happy? Well-adjusted? Not incredibly misogynistic? Titled Turen Til Squashland… En Super Pølse Film ( which translates to Trip To Squash Land…A Super Sausage Film), the deceptively cheerful short was created via stop-motion animation using crude paper cutouts that look like they were colored with Magic Markers. The film has no dialogue, only the sounds of a little boy singing. Which would be adorable coming from anyone but Lars von Trier.


In the short, an evil troll has kidnapped one of three smiling bunnies in what is apparently a statement on the amoral cruelty of Nature’s rotting womb. Enter our hero Super Sausage, who enlists the aid of a supernatural, earthbound whale to help the bunnies rescue their friend from the troll’s castle. With harmony soon restored by the metaphorical power of the phallus, the bunnies, whale, and sausage all pile into Super Sausage’s cottage, where presumably they will engage in explicit acts of group sex.  (Incidentally, while the final title card may seem telling, “slut” simply means “end” in Danish.)

What this has to do with Nazis, exactly, remains unclear, but one can only assume that the bunnies are smiling in anticipation of the cold, suffocating embrace of death.

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