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Watch a mega-young Mike Myers introduce Wayne Campbell on Canadian TV

Screenshot: YouTube

It may be difficult for some of today’s Teens to accept, but Mike Myers wasn’t always Austin Powers (...do Teens know about him? I can’t keep their ironic faves straight). Before he became the International Man Of Mystery, the former SNL star was best known for a very different–and much more awesome–movie franchise: Wayne’s World. And before that, Myers was a nice young Canadian fellow just trying to make a name for himself on TV, where he first introduced the world to Wayne Campbell. Sh’yeah right, but just check out this video from Twitter, in which a toddler-faced Myers delivers a very early version of the iconic basement-dwelling rock geek from Aurora, Illinois:


In “Wayne’s Power Minute,” Myers–sporting a budget wig–ruminates on the concept of air guitars, and why there aren’t other air instruments and air rock band accoutrements, like “air roadies” and “air synthesizers.” Myers debuted this earlier iteration of Wayne Campbell in the ’80s on the Canadian alternative TV series City Limits, broadcast on Toronto’s Citytv. As such, this earlier iteration of Wayne is notably more Canadian than the version of the character that Myers later refined on SNL with co-star Dana Carvey, who played Wayne’s adorably nerdy pal Garth Algar.

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