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Watch a man shred the hell out of some data entry

Screenshot: Lewis RobotStuff / YouTube

Despite it being an entry-level position nearly anyone can get, the mind-numbing qualities of by-the-numbers data logging typically make it a Sisyphean task that takes far longer than it ever should. That’s not the case with this man, who was recently spotted cruising the refrigerated section of a convenience store while taking inventory (or something) as if someone hit the fast forward button.

The video’s uploader notes that the man has been doing whatever it is he’s doing for 30 years, though let it be known he could very well just be rapping his fingers into, like, a defunct calculator from the early ’80s. Seriously, the guy’s mashing buttons like someone playing Killer Instinct for the first time.


Speaking of video games, data entry man has already inspired a video game-style meme, which syncs his tapping with that a Guitar Hero run of DragonForce’s “Through The Fire And Flames.”

Speed is one thing, after all. Accuracy is another.

[via Mashable]

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