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Watch a lost episode of Dexter’s Laboratory chockfull of bleeped cursing

When Dexter’s Laboratory premièred on Cartoon Network in 1996, it represented a bold step forward for the cable outlet, which had up to that point largely rerun classics from the Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., and MGM libraries. Of course, that première occurred two years after the more adult-oriented Space Ghost Coast To Coast ushered in the original-programming era for Cartoon Network—a move that heralded the eventual introduction of Adult Swim. These competing sensibilities were eventually stitched together in the “lost” episode of Dexter’s Laboratory, “Rude Removal,” which surfaced today on Adult Swim’s YouTube page. The short, in which the titular boy genius and his sister Dee Dee are split into clones representing their politest and crudest impulses, was barred from air due to the characters’ extensive swearing—a decision which, naturally, only made Dexter’s Lab fans more eager to see the thing. Well, here it is in all its copiously bleeped glory, nowhere near as crass as Reddit users imagined (and what could be?), but it’s still pretty fucking funny. And just imagine—if Cartoon Network would’ve aired “Rude Removal” with all its bleeps intact, we would’ve never learned how to use such filthy language. [via Huffington Post]

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