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Watch a Freddie Mercury-faced Rami Malek pontificate about God in this mangled Mr. Robot clip

Screenshot: Ctrl Shift Face (YouTube)

Deepfakes are getting wilder by the week it seems, and lending a hand is creator Ctrl Shift Face, who is known for seamlessly transforming Bill Hader into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen and casting Jim Carrey in The Shining. This weekend, the madman freaked Queen’s Freddie Mercury into Rami Malek, and it oddly looks more like Mercury cosplaying Malek than Malek cosplaying Mercury on the set of Bohemian Rhapsody.

But it isn’t Bohemian Rhapsody they stitched Mercury into. Rather, the below clip finds a Mercury-faced Malek delivering a speech on religion from a season two episode two of Mr. Robot, “k3rnel-pan1c.ksd.

The wildest part, though, might be Ctrl Shift Face’s decision to actually show his editing process for once In a follow-up video, they detail the deepfake process and show just how much footage and how many photographs of Mercury were used to create Rami Malek’s facial-coverup.

And, to think, we used to worry about holograms.

Mr. Robot’s fourth and final season premieres on USA this fall. Watch a teaser for it here.


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