Matt Stonie is currently one of the top competitive eaters in the world, ranked second in the Major League Eating standings right behind Nathan’s hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut. Having amassed a backlog of absurd eating challenge videos, Stonie’s latest anticipates the start of summer with an ice cream sundae that would freeze the brain of a mere mortal in seconds. Taking on a 30 scoop, 15 topping, 11,000 calorie ice cream sundae in just under 15 minutes is no easy feat—especially given Stonie’s choice to go with the brand linked to recent Listeria outbreaks—but the massive sundae is hardly a foe when placed in front of an eater seemingly immune to the pains of overeating. Stonie’s success is impressive but also a bit comforting, allowing people to feel a little better about all the excess hot dogs they’ll be eating at barbecues this Memorial Day weekend.