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Watch a clip from the Girls episode of The A.V. Club TV show, and tune in tonight

As you hopefully know by now, The A.V. Club has found its way to television—specifically the Fusion network, on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, on a show hosted by our editor-at-large, John Teti. Last week’s episode was dedicated to Girls, one of our favorite subjects, and you can see John’s monologue about the show—one of his all-time favorites—below. Tonight, tune in for an episode dedicated entirely to the wide world of Twitter, which includes a visit to a public bathroom and a great conversation with political strategist David Axelrod. “But I don’t get Fusion on my cable package!” you shout to the heavens. Well, you’re not entirely out of luck. You can watch The A.V. Club quite easily on the Fusion app on your smart device or set-top box, including the likes of Roku and Apple TV, though you’ll have to wait for a few days after each broadcast. But there’s a nice little backlog of episodes available now, so why not dive in there and catch up?

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