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Watch a bartender pour 17 Jägerbombs at once

Photo: ViralHog

If there’s a lesson to be taken from this video of a man pouring 17 simultaneous Jägerbombs, it’s that you don’t need outside pressure for self-improvement. Master bartender Philip Traber previously held the world record for pouring 14 Jägerbombs at once. And now he’s upped his game to a new world record of 17 drinks just to prove that he can. The momentous event took place in Germany this week and the YouTube channel ViralHog has video of the stunt:

The technique here is particularly impressive. Traber stacks 18 glasses on top of one other, fills them with Jägermeister, then uses that tall stack to fill 17 shot glasses. He then pushes those shot glasses domino-style into 17 glasses of Red Bull. (Technically he winds up pouring Jäger into 18 glasses of Red Bull, but the first one doesn’t utilize a shot glass so it’s a little unclear if it fully counts.)


Easily the best part of the video is when Traber and his friend and/or coworker celebrate like he’s just won the most impressive sporting event of his life. And in a way, perhaps, he has.

[via Mashable]

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