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Disney’s CGI and live action remakes of their best-loved animated films have been pretty hit or miss so far. Last year’s Aladdin, for instance, received a pretty lukewarm critical reception overall, with our own review calling it “the worst of a batch” of the recent “forced march of listless live-action Disney remakes.”All the same, as Aladdin’s box office success demonstrated and a video of an extremely pumped toddler talking over the movie makes extremely clear, there is an audience for everything.

Uploaded by a YouTube channel—presumably run by the kid’s parent—called Happy00Horror, the clip shows a handful of scenes from Aladdin being played as a toddler of unknown age chimes in on just about everything shown on screen.


“A boat!” they say at the very beginning as we see... a boat. “A boat, daddy! It’s a boat, daddy. It’s a boat.”

After a few more seconds of boats, the scene shifts to show the crew and the kid exclaims, “People!” This continues as the movie shows Abu running through the streets (“A monkey! Monkey! That’s a big monkey.”), Princess Jasmine’s tiger (“A tiger! That’s a big tiger.”), and the talking entrance to the Cave Of Wonders (“There he is! That’s a tunnel. That’s him.”). The kid also informs us that Jasmine is “pretty” (“Who’s pretty?” asks the dad as the princess and her tiger walk down some stairs. “That one,” the child answers.) and gets so excited about the exploding cave that observations of “lava!” get mingled with inarticulate noises.


The whole thing just goes to show that, if we expect less from movies, contenting ourselves with simply getting to see genies and animals and boats in whatever context they’re portrayed, film is always extremely entertaining, no matter its level of quality.

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