It’s Friday afternoon, which means we’re all just running out the clock until it’s time to go home, right? Well, here’s a neat little time-waster that will help usher in the weekend and also cause you extreme frustration with yourself/exasperation with others: Who Is The Most Famous, a simple web-based game that presents you with a first name and prompts you for the most famous person you can think of with that name. You get points and are ranked Family Feud-style, based on how many other players also picked that name. It’s pretty simple, provided your mind is predisposed to pop-culture names. (Samuel L. Jackson is WAY more famous than Samuel Adams, right?) It’s also a great way to highlight both your own deteriorating mental faculties (why can’t I think of any celebrities named Joshua??) and the relative stupidity of others. (Billie Jean is more famous than Billie Holiday? That is not even a real person, you jerks!) Give it a try, and consider these last two unproductive hours of your workweek on me!