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Warwick Davis would like to be in more Star Wars and get a lightsaber this time, please

Even the unemployed man on the street seems certain that the newish Star Wars will see the return of old cast members like Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and possibly even Billy Dee Williams  (provided he accepts Disney’s as-yet-unaltered deal, and he isn’t too busy wandering around L.A. saying, “Helloooo, what have we here?” to passerby and squirrels). Yet many people have also been asking, “What about Warwick Davis?”—specifically, the people who already have reason to speak with Warwick Davis, such as IGN, so that’s what they did. Confirming his hungry Life’s Too Short persona wasn’t totally a fanciful jest, Davis said he is “looking for it, definitely” when asked whether he’d be up for another return to the franchise he last visited in Episode I, where he played Princess Amidala (or possibly someone else).

However, so long as Warwick Davis is dreaming of work, he’s dreaming big, relatively speaking. No more small parts, etc. etc., get all your puns out now:

I love to perform so to be able to go back into something like Star Wars… what a lovely thing that would be to say, that I've been in all three trilogies. I'm not dying to get back inside an Ewok suit. I'm happy to play a villain perhaps, [or] a Jedi. A villain with a lightsaber is the ultimate goal, if that's not asking too much. I never got a lightsaber before and I think just to have one of them, to be able to wave one of them around a little bit, would be huge. I'm dropping loads of hints at the moment, so we'll see what happens."


Indeed, as with all Star Wars news, we’ll see what happens. Maybe Warwick Davis will get his lightsaber and spread terror throughout the galaxy's pelvic region. Maybe we will all get lightsabers. And then we’ll wave them around a little bit and we’ll cry, “I’m a villain perhaps, or a Jedi!” because the truth is we’re all going to be in the new Star Wars movie.

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