The work of late American painter Thomas Kinkade, self-described “Painter Of Light,” is among the most highly collected in the country, making him a ubiquitous if not always revered painter. But to a certain extent that’s because his work is so middle-of-the-road and inoffensive that any generic home could have a copy of one of his paintings.

Artist Jeff Bennett decided to spice up the idyllic and highly saturated natural settings by working in the polar opposite of the pastoral American settings: war machines of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars. What self-respecting Star Wars fan wouldn’t like a painting of a Star Destroyer emerging from the misty mountains behind a cozy cottage, or Stormtroopers on hoverbikes careening over a babbling brook? You can view the whole gallery of his alterations—which vastly improve Kinkade’s work with dramatic contrast in subject matter—at his DeviantArt page. Nothing is available as a print, and considering the legal hurdles of the Kinkade estate and now Disney, there probably won’t ever be, but it’s still a fun twist on some banal paintings. [via LaughingSquid]