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Warren Beatty returns to filmmaking with movie that is not a Dick Tracy sequel

Warren Beatty recently promised to make good on his hoarding of the Dick Tracy franchise at the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Festival, letting everyone know that it was still his, that they couldn’t have it because he wasn’t done with it, and that he would so make another one, shut up. Naturally, there was some skepticism—not least because Beatty hasn’t made anything besides unintelligible asides at awards shows for 10 years now, either as actor or director. But according to Paramount, Beatty will break that long hiatus and return to both—as well as writing and producing—on an untitled project that is set to begin shooting later this year. Absolutely nothing is known about it besides the fact that it’s not a Dick Tracy sequel, although Paramount CEO Brad Grey did call the script “quintessential Beatty, elegantly written and wonderfully entertaining.” Considering Beatty has only written five screenplays—one of which was a remake, another of which was about a rapping Senator—we’re not sure what “quintessential Beatty” means in this context, but hey, at least the man is done skulking around the house, driving Annette Bening crazy.

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