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WarnerMedia shares new information on its animated Gremlins prequel

Image: WarnerMedia

We’ve all seen what happens to the Mogwai when they have a wild Christmas adventure and when they take over a huge corporate skyscraper, but what were those little dudes up to before all the Gremlins got superpowers and met Hulk Hogan? Whether you’ve actually wondered that or not, WarnerMedia is going to answer that question with Gremlins: Secrets Of The Mogwai, a 10-episode animated prequel to the original Gremlins movie that was first announced back in February. Now, thanks to a press release, we also know a bit more about what the show will actually be about: The series will be set in 1920s Shangai where a 10-year-old Sam Wing (the old guy from the movie) encounters a “teenage street thief” named Elle and a furry creature called Gizmo (Dictionary.com says the word “gizmo” was first used in the ‘40s, but that’s okay).

Together, the three of them will go on a “perilous journey through the Chinese countryside” where they’ll meet and fight “colorful monsters and spirits from Chinese folklore.” Unfortunately, just as they find a “legendary treasure,” they get pursued by an evil industrialist with an army of Gremlins. So yeah, it doesn’t sound a whole lot like the movies, but the second movie was already some weird pre-Pokémon bullshit, so going full Pokémon with this prequel might work.

The show will be produced by Amblin Television, and while the press release doesn’t say when it might air, it does say that a number of Animaniacs veterans are working on it.

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